Repair Services

Repairs: Repairs to your device are first attempted onsite and when possible fixed there and then.  If it is not possible to repair your device onsite, then a repair will be carried out at our Service Centre and returned as quickly as possible.  A quotation will be given there and then when possible before any repairs are carried out.

Screen Replacements:  Have you cracked the screen on your laptop, computer or tablet, and need it replaced.  We can collect and return your device usually within 2-4 working days with a new high quality screen installed.

Battery Replacement: Has the battery in your device reached the end of its life - does it no longer last long after a full charge.  Then why not replace it with a new high quality battery so that you can get the best out of your tablet, or laptop.

Virus, Spyware and Malware Removal:  In order to remove viruses, spyware or malware correctly it is usually necessary that we collect your device and taken to our Repair Centre to ensure that it is properly removed.  Although for less severe attacks it may be possible to repair at your home or business.

Broadband and Networking: Often issues arise with your internet or broadband connection which you are unable to resolve yourself or at times with the help of your broadband provider.  Maybe you are unable to connect your new device to the internet or your current device has lost its connection. If so then why not call in the experts and let us help. 

PC Health Check:  Computer or laptop running slow but you don’t know why.  Then why not let our experienced engineers get it up and running fast again for you.  It may just need a quick clean up or it may need an upgrade, or even a repair may be needed.  Whatever the cause we can help and will always give you the best possible advice.

Upgrades to your Device:  Most upgrades can be done at your home or business and are generally very quick.  For those upgrades that will take a little longer a price will be given there and then when possible with no upgrade carried out without your price approval.  Upgrades are not always the best way forward so advice will be given as to whether or not it is worthwhile upgrading your device as well as what upgrade would best suit.

Data Recovery:  Have you lost those all-important family photos or school work from your computer or laptop.  Don’t worry in most cases the data can be recovered.  The more you try and work with your device yourself the more data you may lose.  The best thing you can do is not to install any recovery programs as these may write over the top of your pictures or document meaning that they can’t be recovered. Why not give us a call and we will do everything possible to recover your information for you.

Custom Built Computers: We can build a computer to your own specific needs whatever that may be.  Do you need a computer for home, university or your business, is it for basic internet and word processing, or do you need something faster for gaming or graphic design?   Whatever your needs we will spend time with you to find out what those needs are, so that we can best advise you and build a computer to meet your needs and budget.